are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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Midnight Solo Stud Book

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April 18th, 2017- Koda's first litter Midnight Planned "D" Litter has arrived.

What a blessing to welcome our next generation, 10 precious puppies into our lives!

Koda and Mars gave us 5 boys and 5 gilrs to love and cherish!

Mom Koda and the pups are doing well.


Details on Mom and Dad are posted on our Current Litter Page

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter,
please call Jean
at 519-473-9939

April 2nd, 2017- UKC Rally and Obedience Trials - Three High In Trials

I am exteremely proud of Midnight Solo BRTs . Both girls are our 3rd generation of amazing working Champions.
Our BRTs and their owners are trully fabulous. I am very happy that our new owners are catching a "competition" fire!
What an awesome day!!
Thank you Laurie Soutar and Ofrod Dog Sports for another great event.
I want to thank Judges Mary Montheith and Pam Moore for their lovely comments for our BRTs.

8 months old puppy Katana - Midnight Solo Captured Presence (Bruin x Meeka) - High In Trial at her debut in Ra...lly Obedience. . Trained By her Owner Kevin Barrett, Handled by grandma Jean Brown. Katana Scored 99 out of 100.


18 months old Kicka (Wriley x Viva) - High in Trial in Obedience - 194.5 out of 200 in her first ever Obedience trial!

Video of Kicka with HIT in Rally
High In Trial in Rally Obedience with a perfect score of 100 in Novice B (URO1 B class and a title!

March 31st, 2017- AKC Rally O trials - Kalamazoo Kennel Club, MI.

Congratulations to Atlas and Teresa for a Huge sucsess at their First AKC Rally Obedience trilas.

The team earned 2 legs towards the RN title with a class placing!

Trial 1 - Placed Second in Novice A out of 11 Teams ; judge Cheryl Shea
Trial 2 qualified under judge was Fred Buroff

We are very proud of you and wishing you llots of sucsess in a future.

March 19, 2017- Windsor All Breed Rally Trials - Kicka earns 2 legs towards CKC RN

Kicka (Wriely x Viva) earned two legs towards CKC RN title.

Nice performance, well done baby girl!
Our team placed 1st in Novice B class in both trials with a perfect score of 100 with time 1minute 06 seconds and 1 minute 16 seconds.

Thank you Judges T. Leslie and D, MacKenzie for nice comments about our girl.

Picture on a left- Kicka got her ball play reward after 1st trial and resting now.
On a right- Kicka and Judge Ted Leslie.

March12, 2017. Performance Scent Dogs trials, USA 2 our BRTs competed.


Very proud of Teri and her 8 months old puppy boy Tavo (Bruin x Meeka)!

Congratulations on great runs in Performance Scent dog trials (performancescentdogs.com)

Passed TOT - Birch (Equivalent of UKC PT)
1st legs in Containers, with time 48.43
Video of Container Search- Tavo
Exteriors (53.07) and Speed (24.93) 2nd Place
Video of Tavo in Novice Speed
16 dogs were entered.
Amazing for such a young boy!! Well done. Sending you our love and thanks for such dedication to training!

Congrats to Meile and Inka (Misha x Sadie) for passing TOT in Clove !

Good luck in upcoming trails.
We are rooting for you!

UKC Nose Work Trials on Feb 11-12, 2017 at Oxford Dog Sports


We brought home: 11 new titles and Three High In Trails: Three PTs, two Superior Container Search Titles, three Advanced Interior Search title, Handler Discrimination Excellence title, Handler Discrimination Novice title, Novice Interior Search title.

WOW! Our BRTS rock!!!

We had an amazing weekend despite the weather.

It is a wonderful thing to be able to watch each other, our BRTS, videotape and learn from each team that competes in the Nosework events and the judges Cheryl Carlson and Maude Tank, who are very generous sharing training tips and fun to trial under!

Congratulations to Midnight Solo Awesome foursome:
Meeka, Viva, Sadie and Kicka!
  Thank you Irena, Ang and Brayden for a fabulous time together, training your BRTs and competing with them!

Huge praise and congratulations to our fabulous teams for each new title, leg and placings:

Meeka and Ang team:

Superior Container Title
2nd leg towards Superior containers, time of 00:18:97
Advanced Interior title
First leg of Advanced Interiors, time of 00:18:53.
2nd leg of Advanced Interiors, time of 00:48:47.
Master Containers.
first leg, Second Place with time00:55:79!

It is a big accomplishment: both the number of containers and the number of hides (hidden scent a dog must find) increases.

Meeka had to find 3 hides with 2 distractions in a line-up of containers

Sadie and Jean team:

Three High In Trials : Handler Discrimination Excellent (Twice!) and Advanced Interior Search.

PTM -Pre Trial Master title

Handler Discrimination Excellent Title
2nd leg, 1st place in B division Time: 00:15:29.
3rd leg, 1st place in B division.Time 00:11:06. HIT

Advance Interior Search Title
2nd leg .1st place in B division. Time 00:07:44

Superior Container Search Title
1st leg ,1st place in B division. Time 00:16:13
2nd Leg , 1st in B devision.Time 00:16:20

Viva and Irina Team:

PTM (Pre-Trial Master) title

HDN title (Novice Handler Discrimination),

3rd place, run time 44:06 sec.

AI title (Advanced Interior), 2nd place, run time 01:11:81 min.





Kicka and Jean Team:

PTS - Pre Trial Superior Title,
judge Maude Tank

NI - Novice interior Search Title:
2nd leg.3rd place in B division.
Time: 1:36:94 Judge Cheryl Carlson

AC - Advanced Container Search
1st leg, 2nd in B division. Time 00:32:78 judge



Jan 20-22, 2017- Kicka earned her CKC Champion title during BRTCC team Building Event in Calgary Alberta

Midnight Solo Crew at AKC shows:

Kicka Our new Champ, 16 months old
7 months old Myth and Teara (Wriley x Yara)
Jack (Misha x Sadie)
Wriley and his baby Kicka

It was a busy few days in Calgary. We groomed, we talked, we shared, we showed. We had many meals together. Alice, Myth, Kicka showed very well. Kicka won BOB , BOW, WB and finished her CKC Champion. Myth showed 2 days and got Best Puppy In Breed with her owner Teara. Wriley came to support his daugthers. Jack was there on Friday and Kicka and Jack had a grand time playing fro a few days!

I want to thank Alex, Mavis, Steve, Steph, John,Kerri, Eric, Daniel, Don, Debra, Teara, Jill, Angela, Joanne and Shelley for coming out anbds supporting BRTCC event.

Full report and a photo album is posted on BRTCC FB

UKC Nose Work Trials at Oxford Dog Sports. January 14th -15th, 2017
A great start for a New Year!

Midnight Solo Team of Meeka, Viva, Sadie and Kicka rocked!!
We brought home:
FOUR  HIT (High In Trial),
8 Nose Work titles,
several legs for various Nose work titles, many placings.

Very proud of Ang and Irena training and handling and of our fabulous BRTS!

Would like to thank judges Maude Tank and Deb Hebeler for great judging and support towards competing teams and Laurie for another well organized event.

Sadie earned over weekend:

HIT ( High in Trial)   Advanced Containers
HIT  Advanced Interior
HIT Excellent Handler

CA  - Advance Container Search Title.
1st place with time 00:08:93
1st place with time 00:12:78

Excellent Handler Discrimination:

1 leg , time 00:13:25, 1st place

Advanced Interior Search:
1 leg, time 00:15:72, 1st place

Well done Sadie, you are a great working partner!


Novice Nose Work Title, completed the required elements of Novice Interior, Novice Exterior, Novice Container and Novice Vehicle.
Advanced Container Title:
3rd place finish with a time of 00:12:03
Novice Interior title leg under judge Maude Tank with a time of 01:22:03. 
judge Deb Hebeler with a time of 00:20:00   

Superior Containers Leg under judge Maude Tank- Meeka had to identify two hides (one being clove and the second one either birch or anise) as well as a distraction (can be a toy or food distraction) from a lineup of 16 containers. 
Meeka rocked it coming in second place with a time of 00:36:47.  


HIT High in Trial  in Advanced
Handler Discrimination

HDA title - Handler Discrimination Advanced,
1st  place, time 00:06:81
1st place , time 00:16:19

Novice Container Title:
2nd Place in Novice B , Time 00:14:47
Qualifying leg with time 00:20:50

PTN- Pre Trial Novice Title
PTA- Pre Trial Advanced title

Novice Interior Search-
1 leg towards the title.


Novice Handler Discrimination:
leg 1, 00:28:43 min.

Novice Handler Discrimination,
leg 2, 00:19:40 min, 4th place.

Advanced Interior Search
leg 1, 02:21:22 min., 4th place.

Advanced Containers Search,
leg 1, 00:30:41 min., 2nd place.

It was Viva's 1st hand;ler discrimination trial and first Advanced searches. Great Job Irena and Viva!

Thank you for a wonderful 2016 dear Midnight Solo team!

Dear Midnight Solo puppy owners and our partners!

May God bless you in all areas of your life in the New Year. Thank you for dedication to your BRTs, regular updates, phone calls, videos and pictures. Thank you for choosing Midnight Solo puppies to be a part of your life. Thank you for your help and encouragement, for loving, training and competing with your Blackies.

It is truly encouraging and facinating to see how much we have accomplished in 2016: 3 Midnight Solo Events, Top CKC Dogs in Conformation and Rally Obedience, multiple titles in several discipline! Wow, we did it again. Please take time to see Midnight Solo Family Sucsess in 2016 Summary!

Love you all and Looking forward to seeing you all in 2017 during Midnight Solo events and individually

Jean Brown

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