are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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Midnight Solo Stud Book
MIDNIGHTSOLO Achievements Summary for 2016

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Looking back at 2016, I can hardly believe how much we have accomplished as a family. Wow!

I am blessed to see what a wonderful life our canine babies have with Midnight Solo human families. I am very thankful that you chose a Midnight Solo BRT for your family and doing amazing things with your Blackie/s!  Every one of you brings something unique into our family whether you compete or just love your BRT.  Each of you is a valuable member of our team.  I love and appreciate every one of you! You keep me going towards our mutual goals as a kennel and with each of our Blackies. Thank you for being there for me and Midnight Solo family.

Together we had a fabulous Year. It is wonderful to see what a force we are as a team!
Each of you did tremendous things with your amazing BRT and I am so proud of you and our great dogs!
Congratulations on your 2016 Achievements! T ake a look and be as proud as I am of our family!

We had two lovely litters in 2016. Our gorgeous BRTs gave us 14 pups in these 2 litters and 14 new amazing families to love them. We are excited to see them grow and mature.
Thank you Christine, Charles, Margaret, Daniel, Ang, Rachel, and Carol for wonderful pups and your help.

“B” litter: Wriley x Yara : 3 girls and a one boy whelped on June 9th, 2016
“C” Litter: Bruin and Meeka 6 boisterous boy and 4 sweet girls whelped on
July 9th, 2016.

Our TOP CKC BRTs for 2016 are:


Kicka is #7 Conformation (show) BRT in Canada for 2016
Koda is #8 Conformation (show) BRT in Canada


  Viva #1  Rally Obedience BRT in Canada and #28 in Working Group , way to go girl!
  Our 9 year old Veteran Sadie is # 3 In Canada

  Viva- CKC CH, UKC CH, IABCA Int.,Nat. Senior Puppy CH. Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres, CGN, TT, CKC PCD, RN, RA,RE,URO1, UCD,PTN, PTA, PTS, NN (NC, NI, NE, NV).
#8 Conformation BRT in Canada 2014

Viva (Marley x Cha Cha) achieved in 2016:

#1 Rally Obedience BRT in Canada in 2016
#28 Rally Obedience BRT in Working Group in 2016

CKC RN Title (Rally Obedience Novice Level),
CKC RA Title (Rally Advanced level)
CKC RE Title (Rally Obedience Excellent)
UCD title (United Companion Dog)
2 legs towards URO2 Title (United Rally Obedience 2nd level)

       PTN, PTA, PTS (Pre Trial Novice, Advanced and Superior)
Novice Nose Work Title:

       Novice Vehicle Title
 Novice Containers.
       Novice Interior title
       Novice Exterior Search title

  Meeka - CKC CH., IABCA Int., Nat. Senior Puppy CH. Heart N Soul Midnight Solo Taras Sarja, CGN, UKC PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4, NC,NE,NV, TT, UWP, RATI, RATN, URO1, URO2, NHD. 1st BRT in Canada to earn Nose work, weight pulling and Burn hunt titles! 1st NHD title in North America- Feb. 2016

Meeka (Marley x Diva) achieved in 2016:

URO2 Title (United Kennel Club Rally Obedience 2nd level)


NHD Title (Novice handler Discrimination) 1st BRT in Canada to earn this title!
AHD Advanced Handler Discrimination, 1st leg.

United Weight Pull Champion (UWPCH):
5 points towards the title.




  Koda - CKC CH., UKC CH. Midnight Solo Zavetnaja Mechta, URO1, CGN,TT, UWP, RATI, RATN

Koda  (Misha x Sadie) achieved in 2016:

#8 Top CKC Conformation (show) BRT in 2016

CKC Champion Title

United Weight Pull Champion (UWPCH). 20 points towards the title.


RATI (Rat Instinct),
RATN – Novice Barn Hunt Title.



   Sadie - CKC CH., IABCA Nat. CH. Midnight Solo Siona Sadie,BH, Sch TR1,CGN, TT, CKC CD,CD-X ,RN, RA, RE, DD,DD-X, AKC CD, RN, URO1, URO2,URO3, PTN,PTA, PTS, NC, NI, RATI, RATN.

TOP CKC Obedience BRT 2010
TOP CKC Rally Obedience BRT 2010
4 x HIT

Sadie - (Vassili x Rusah) Our 9 year old veteran did amazing in 2016:

#3 BRT in Canada in Rally Obedience in 2016

URO3 title. (United Rally Obedience 3rd level.)

PTN,PTA,PTS (Pre -Trial Novice, Advanced and Superior)
NI Title (Novice Interior)
NC Title (Novice Containers)
NHD Title (Novice handler discrimination)
AHD Title (Advanced handler Discrimination)  

 RATI  Title (Rat Instinct)
 RATN Title (Novice Barn Hunt)

CKC RAE Title (Rally Advanced Excellent) A leg towards the title:
RA leg - Qs of 100, 2nd place
RE leg - QS of 99 and 1st in B class


Jack- (Misha x Sadie)  

earned 2 new titles: Advanced Trick Dog and Expert Trick Dog






  Wriley- Midnight Solo Wriley, CKC RN, RA, RE, RAE, TD,ADC- SSS, AGNS,AADC, BH.

Top CKC Rally Obedience BRT in 2013, 2014 (#1 BRT in Canada both years)
#4 CKC Rally Obedience Dog in Working Group in 2014.
Top CKC Agility BRT in 2015.( #1 in Canada)
1st BRT in Canada to earn CKC RAE

Wriley (Moses x Luda) achieved in 2016:

BH (IPO) on Oct.8th, 2016 IPO trial, K9 Force Working Dog Club in Calgary Alberta; judge Igor Lengrvarsky.

 AADC Title (Advanced Agility Dog of Canada) Advanced Standard,
2 more legs towards Starter Games title
Starter Gambler.
Starter Snooker.

6 great Qualifying Agility runs
Starter Jumpers , Q,Placed 1st
Steeple Chase-1-Q , Placed 2nd
Adv. Standard-1-Q Placed 1st
Adv. Standard-2-Q , Placed 1st
Steeple Chase-2-Q   Placed 3rd
Advanced Jumper-Q Placed 1st



  Kicka - UKC CH. Midnight Solo Adara Bat Haviva, CGN, NHD, TT.




Kicka (Wriley x Viva), our young girl Achieved in 2016:

#7 Conformation (show) BRT in Canada for 2016

BIS (Best In Show) at all Breed UKC show at 8 months of age.

UKC Champion Title with Four Group Placings:
Group 1, Guardian Group 2 , Guardian Group 3x 2

CGN (Canine Good Neighbor) at 6 months of age.
(Temperament test)

CKC Conformation
: Earned 2 majors and 6 points towards the Conformation title.
Best Bred By Exhibitor in Working Group
Best Bred by in Breed
BOB x 4, BOS, WB x 3, BW x2

URO1 (United Kennel Club Rally Obedience, level one) earned two legs towards the title.

UKC NHD title Novice handler Discrimination
UKC AHD (Advanced handler Discrimination), 1st leg towards this title.

  Sochi - UKC CH Midnight Solo Aviva Bat Haviva, CGC

Sochi (Wriley x Viva)

 UKC Conformation Champion  with five group placings! Owner handled by her Mom Linda!

CGC – AKC Canine Good Citizen






  Zander - So Charmed Alexandros Midnight Solo, CGC, RN, TT.

Zander (Bruin x Ruby) Achieved in 2016:

TT – Temperament Test

AKC RA Title (Rally Obedience Advanced level) - 1st leg towards the title

CHIC # 115657 Zander passed all Health checks:
       OFA Hips Good, Elbows, eyes, cardiac - Normal
       JLPP- Clear. CHU - N/N

Link to OFA Database records


  Inka - UKC CH. Midnight Solo Zlata Chernaja, CGC,RN, RATI, RATN, RATO, CDSP SN-C, CDSP-CD-C, AKC RN

Inka (Misha x Sadie)  achieved in 2016:

Starter Novice title in Obedience under CDSP

CD-C Title (Companion Dog - Novice competitive Obedience) under CDSP

AKC RN (Rally Obedience Novice level)





  Xena_- Midnight Solo Xena, AKC Star Puppy, CGC, URO1, TDI, TDN, TDIA 

Xena (Marley x Sadie)  earned

AKC RN (Rally Obedience Novice) - 2 Legs with placings towards the title.






We had  3 fabulous events in 2016:

Midnight Solo &Friends Fun day   on April 30th, 2016 April 30th, 2016
Midnight Solo puppy owners, breeding partners and our friends joined in sharing passion for our beloved breed, to have fun with their dogs, learn new things, network and have fun together!

We had people from all over Ontario, Massachusetts, New York and Michigan: thank you for taking the time!
Thank you Ang, Steve, Rachel for your help and hospitality and everyone else who made it possible.

Click here for full report.


CGN Test on behalf of BRTCC during LSC iWorking K9 Introduction day on April 24th, 2016

It was a Great event hosted by LSC & BRTCC. Jean Brown was CGN evaluator.


Nov. 13th, 2016

All Breed temperament Test hosted by Midnight Solo Reg'd Kennel & Training Academy was a great success!

Congratulations to all 19 entered teams for passing TT today! Another great Midnight Solo Event!


As we enter 2017, I am looking forward to  seeing many of you one - on- one and at Midnight Solo picnic in  summer, exciting events, shows, trials , grooming and training sessions.  . Please stay in touch and send more pictures, videos and updates of your BRTs and let me know how I can help you with your goals.


Jean Brown.



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